Monday, December 30, 2013

The last plog of the year

The last plog of the year   

So this will be the last plog for a while on Plogging Plus. Last January I decided when I was thinking of making a New Year's resolution that I would try to make a blog each day mainly to just see if I could do it.

The blog I decided would be about all sorts of things to make it easier to keep it interesting not only for anyone who might want to read it but also for me, so that I would keep doing it.

It did get a bit tedious at times but once I got into a pattern it became easier and I was actually quite disappointed when I traveled that I couldn't get my new tablet to publish my daily blog and so it didn't get written There was also a few days when I just didn't feel up to it as I felt poorly but I did write 331 blogs so I certainly think I fulfilled my resolution.

It also is a good way of reminding myself about 2013, the things I did , the photos I took, the things that I was interested in, the paintings I made, the flowers I grew. It became almost like my diary.

Thank you if you took time to read some of my blogs and comment on them. I know the blog doesn't make that easy. It certainly helped to keep me going to know that someone out there was reading them.

I haven't figured out yet what my 2014 resolution will be but I'll be sure to let you know so I can share it with you.


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  1. Congratulations on last years Plog, we will look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for 2014!
    Hope you enjoy the Festivities